Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 6

"Your little ditty with the body"

Grool went shopping for a war pick in Bargewright Inn. The blacksmith told him that last month’s supply barge from Yartar was not only late, but short changed everyone, causing the costs of goods and services in Bargewright to skyrocket. The adventurers were hired by merchants in Bargewright to guard a caravan to Triboar.
Bandits attacked the first and second nights on the way to Triboar, burning a wagon and wounding many of the oxen. Aerolyn shifted into her bear form, slaughtering two of the bandits and causing the others to run in fear of her awesome power. Peaches thought it would be a good idea to hang one of the bodies up as a warning to other bandits, like some macabre cadaver scarecrow. Grool contested the act, but was outnumbered. The remainder of the trip to Triboar was uneventful.
When they passed Red Larch on the return journey, riders on giant vultures attacked the caravan. Grool took down one rider with an expert javelin throw. Peaches threw a fireball at them, incinerating all but one bird. The riders wore armor from Feathergale Spire.
After receiving their payment, the CotGM moved on to Womford, pursuing the lead on the old Dwarvish books. They were directed to a shady merchant on a keelboat. The merchant was an old water genasi whom the adventurers nicknamed Shrek. He denied having the books, but Peaches noticed a map in his boat that marked a location in the Sumber Hills with a strange symbols.
The characters made their way to the location on the map, which turned out to be Rivergard Keep. They saw Shrek’s boat in the harbor and attacked him and his crew. He told them that the symbol was the symbol of the power of water and that the Keep was run by Jolliver Grimjaw. Paul’s character knows the name Grimjaw and recognized the symbol from his past.


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